Pros and Cons
Conventionally, the LL.M. Course is provided for two years like other Master Degree Courses. On the opposite hand, the NLUs and plenty of famend Private colleges and Deemed universities provide three hundred and sixty five days LL.M. Course with specialization. Now both the two years and a one-yr path have their pros and cons. Following are some execs and cons of 1 year and 2 years LL.M Course:

One 12 months LL.M. Course
UGC (University Grant Commission) issued a notification in 2014 and said that where two successive Bachelor Courses are performed or any incorporated course for five years is pursued in the applicable subject, the Master Degree can be pursued for three hundred and sixty five days. Again, many have doubts concerning whether 365 days LL.M. Is legitimate for constructing his/her profession in lecturers? Answer to that is supplied by BCI (Bar Council of India) circular dated second January 2017, wherein it changed into said that 12 months LL.M. Is legitimate and is equal to the 2 years LL.M Course.

Pros of One yr LL.M. Course
It saves time.
It is regularly better than the 2 years route furnished llm 香港 with the aid of the conventional universities because it compulsorily offers specialization (except few) in a selected challenge.
It has a extraordinarily based direction plan that may be excellent for 1 12 months.
Doing 365 days LL.M. From NLUs or renowned university creates a greater enchantment in your CV.
One year LL.M. From top NLUs provides weightage for which you would be favored in corporate jobs and other jobs.
Cons of One yr LL.M. Course
It lacks providing an revel in as is received even as doing 2 years LL.M. Wherein college students of LL.M have a course of coaching to the LL.B students.
The pupil pursuing 365 days LL.M. Gets very little time for finishing the dissertation work.
Not all of the topics can be centered intensive, except the issue of specialization.
Lots of strain and tough paintings in 12 months course.
Two years of LL.M. Course
This is the conventional LL.M. Presented through conventional universities. It also has its professionals and cons. Some of them are as follows:

Pros of Two years LL.M. Course
It provides adequate time to collect the research experience and correctly whole dissertation paintings.
It regularly offers an possibility to have a teaching experience blanketed in the direction.
Two years of LL.M. Is every now and then preferred via some universities for lecturers.
Cons Two years LL.M. Course
It is time-eating, as a three hundred and sixty five days course is made equivalent to a years LL.M course.
Often this years’ path isn’t always presented with specialization.
Having no specialization, it lacks in-intensity knowledge about a specific discipline.
Observing the pros and cons of each the guides it can be figured that twelve months LL.M. Being a time saving one with a specialization is of course a beneficial one. But that three hundred and sixty five days is of plenty strain and one desires to be centered, decided, and an excellent feel of time control. Well, but pursuing LL.M. From NLUs or renowned non-public colleges can weigh heavy in your pocket. However, the facilities, surroundings, amenities, and satisfactory education are worth the cash.

On the opposite hand, the conventional two years direction offers you ample scope to beautify your studies abilties. But ultimately it relies upon upon the character who pursues LL.M. If he/she has the urge to expand his/her research ability, he may even do it himself inside a year with tough work. From the financial thing, the 2 years LL.M. Course is pocket pleasant. The one having financial constraints can opt for it. However, years of LL.M. From a private university can also cost high. Again, it is undeniable that in this period of opposition, investing one greater 12 months can value heavy to your profession possibilities. The best fundamental downside of the one-year course is that it lacks presenting scope for collecting coaching experiences.

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